Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough…

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designed this for letlive’s current tour. was made inspired by american nightmare // any hardcore’s band varsity era shirts.


Mountain Valley | by .
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Q&A With Michael Hansen of Pentimento



For this month’s issue, we sat down with Michael Hansen of Pentimento and talked to him about touring with Reggie and the Full Effect, the band’s writing process, and their plans for the future. Check out an excerpt of the interview after the jump, and be sure the read the entire article in our newest issue here

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Title: I Wanna Get Better

Artist: Bleachers

Played: 167261 times
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Calling All Writers!



We’re currently looking for dedicated writers to contribute to us at least once a month for new issues of The Prelude Press. Writing experience is a plus, but is not necessary. Please shoot us an email at for more info if you’re interested.

My magazine is looking for new writers. You don’t have to be from the Denver area to help out, either! You’d be doing stuff like album/show reviews or articles about new bands. Email us if you’re interested!

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Photos: Memphis May Fire Unconditional Tour
Featuring: Memphis May FireThe Word AliveA Skylit DriveHands Like Houses & Beartooth
Denver, CO. 3/16/14
Photos by 
Shannon Shumaker

Visit for more!

Sooo, I’ve been working on starting a magazine the past couple of months, and our first issue, featuring Savior Custom Drums, Pentimento, Dan Ha & The Concern and Neck Deep went live today! If you could go check it out/follow us on tumblr/give us some love or ANYTHING, it would be greatly appreciated! I’m so excited about this.

The Prelude Press


Photos: Neck Deep US headliner
Featuring: Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, Light Years
Denver, CO. 3/4/14
Photos by:
Shannon Shumaker

More photos and article at

Go follow our tumblr or show us some love and I’ll be really happy.

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Everyone, say hellooooo to the intimidator (and goodbye to my tax return)

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*answer to math problem is 182*
*backflips off table while All The Small Things starts playing and skateboards out the window*

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Michelle Ellis | Tumblr


At the edge of the world

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I think once I hit 1,000 followers, I’m going to celebrate by doing a letlive. print giveaway. It would be this photo, since I’ve received ridiculous amounts of love on it.

Yes? No? Thoughts?

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Protip to anyone planning on working with a photographer in the near future:

Never, and I mean never ask to see all the photos from a shoot. Not only is it annoying to the photographer who more than likely just spent hours working on the small handful of their favorites, you also honestly don’t want to see them. Wanna know why? I’ll let you in on a little secret: not every single photo that a professional photographer takes is golden. Woah. Shocker, I know.

Seriously, though. Say I shoot a concert and take 1,000 photos. Out of those 1,000 photos, I’ll go through them and choose maybe 200 of my favorites. Hell, sometimes I’ll even start deleting the ones I don’t like at the show. Out of those 200 photos, I then choose around 50 or so (give or take) that I like enough to edit. And out of those 50? There’s probably anywhere from 10-25 that I like enough to share with the world. And out of those 25, I’m lucky if theres 1 or 2 that I think are good enough to put in my portfolio, let alone a publication.

When you ask to see every single photo that a photographer takes, it’s annoying. It’s annoying because we just spent hours of our time working on these few images that we really like, and it makes us feel like apparently, that’s not good enough. 

A photographer doesn’t want the client (or anyone, for that matter) seeing a large amount of mediocre photos. We’d rather you see our best work. Just like an academy award winning actor wouldn’t want people seeing their crappy early work, or a bestselling author wouldn’t want their fans reading the stuff that they write in between their great books. We post our best stuff for a reason. Please respect that. 

Thank you!

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