My friend stole my camera the other night and took this adorable picture of Dom and I. I know. We’re cute.

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afternoons in the studio //  2014

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what's the worst experience you've had in the music/photography business? i feel like a lot of feminism arises to the general public [i.e. the Warped Tour's Woman Problem article] but that things aren't so bad when you're actually behind the scenes. as someone who's never really been on tour or really involved, i don't really know for sure. also, your photos are awesome! :)


I’ve walked onto the bus more than once to find frontmen I care not to mention doing cocaine off my laptop. A different frontman I care not to mention once yelled “Bitch, make me a fucking sandwich or I will rape you!” at me when I was alone on my bus at night. Which was laughable because he was on so many drugs there’s no way it would have been possible for him to make good on his threat. Also, I was six inches taller than him, and was 30 pounds heavier at the time. So I made him a sandwich, then whispered, “If you ever come on my bus and talk to me like that again, mother fucker, I will beat the living shit out of you.” as I handed him his food. He’s been polite ever since. 

The only thing that made me very sad, was when anonymous kids on the internet started musing on a message board that the only reason I was getting work was because I must be sleeping with the band. I of course was not, the band was married, and I ended up not getting the tour. Not sure if those two things were related, and I never will, but it was incredibly shitty. It really opened up my eyes to how awful people can be to a person they don’t even know when they will never have to answer for starting rumors.

I would say well over half of the people behind the scenes at Warped are women. So that article that came out missed the point, and took target at ENTIRELY the wrong tour. If you’re mad that girl bands aren’t represented, get out there and BUY the albums from the bands with girls in them! It’s baffling how people don’t realize how much power they have when they buy an album. Why is Katy Perry huge? Because people buy her albums. Because people buy her albums, the majors take chances on signing the next generation of female pop icons. It’s no different in this scene except every time a new girl fronted band comes out, people only compare them to Paramore, and go ballistic calling them copycats. Support the We Are the In Crowds, the Pvriss, The Eyes Set to Kills, The Allison Weisses, and any other band out there with a girl kicking ass and I guarantee that labels will start signing more bands with girls in them! But as long as people log onto the internet, steal a band’s album, then write anonymous blogs about how the singer is a “Slut, whore, fat, ugly” ect instead of talking about her merits as a musician, we’re fucked. Go listen to some Bikini Kill and get angry about it!

Be kind to people. 

I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone —Robin Williams   (via hefuckin)
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These past few days have been crazy hectic and I’m nowhere near done editing photos, but I had to share a preview photo from Avenged Sevenfold at Red Rocks last night (because I’m still having a hard time believing that I actually got to shoot them). You can also see this photo in the new issue of The Prelude Press!

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Unholy Matrimony now available in the shop :)

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i honestly feel 100% better after watching this

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Title: Crush'd

Artist: Say Anything

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Apparently it’s either follow your dream or have friends. I guess you can’t have both.

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Ice Flowers
Owen Perry




So Parker and the rest of the Story So Far are pretty bad ass.

Don’t let security at Warped (or anywhere for that matter) ever treat you this way.

Lots of respect for these dudes.

Damn Parker

fuck a bully. fuck scum. fuck off. fucking piece of shit.


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