Title: Spacism

Artist: Young Statues

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La traversée | by Vasantha Yogananthan
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All Time Low
Denver, CO

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The north west explorer. laissezfaire-sempiternal




Childish Gambino - Because The Internet

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Got to shoot Man Overboard for the first time last night and I’m so happy with how the photos turned out. More coming soon!

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Art Writer’s Wednesday 16 - Tumblr Artist

Luke Gram aka Man & Camera | on Tumblr (b.1992, Canada)

"For me, to know that one of my photos has inspired someone to go out and do something they love or miss doing is an achievement worth remembering." Luke Gram is a self-taught artist from British Columbia, Canada, who has a talent for capturing life as his eye sees it. With his camera in tow, he manages to create one of a kind jaw dropping landscapes as well as captivating double exposures, hence his URL Man & Camera.

As most artists, Luke is pretty hypercritical of his own work, always looking forward to refining each photo a little bit more as he goes along. It’s strikingly hard to believe, though he claims all are taken through trial, error and impromptu. Luke was born with a knack to create work infused with a surge emotion, reminiscent of the feeling just as he remembered it to be. He attempts to evoke emotion in the viewer: what it felt like that December chilly night in Montreal, how the sand felt between your toes on that beach in the Bahamas’s, or what it felt like standing on the top of a cliff in Arizona on the verge of falling.

"I turned to my style of photography because I think a true memory is deeply infused with emotion, and that is something I find a lot of travel photography lacks. I began taking photos to capture not only people and places, but also the atmosphere/emotions I felt when I experienced them. I’m extremely grateful to be able to scroll through my photos and remember vividly the feeling of opening the tent to the warm sun rising over the lake, or the damp, crisp mountain air that blankets the valleys trailhead."

Luke Gram’s double exposures were recently featured Picture Correct. He can be found with updated posts on his Facebook, Instagram, Stocksy and on Tumblr. His printed work is available on Society6. Undoubtedly you will find yourself lost in his stunning collection!

We sincerely thank Leslie Seuffert for this Art review for Artchipel’s Art Writer’s Wednesday #16 and Luke Gram for all the images.

[more Luke Gram | Art Writer’s Wednesday with leslieseuffert]

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Shooting All Time Low is always a pleasure, and I had a ton of fun last night! Super stoked to share the rest of these photos with you guys.

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Against Me! Sxsw 2014, for the nashville scene

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